What We’re About

Big Picture Charity Films are the UK's only Registered Charity that exists to support the work of the third sector through the production of films and visual media.

Formed in 2012, we have since worked with a wide and diverse range of charities, producing films for them to primarily use to either directly promote their services and work, or to celebrate their achievements. Our production team have worked in film and television for around 25 years, in locations across the world, producing diverse content for various market sectors. Big Picture Charity Films was born from a realisation that in today's digital age, charities have a need to engage and communicate in a way that is relevant to society, yet very few have either the technical or financial resources to be able to do this effectively.

As part of our DNA, Big Picture believe that charities should be able to hold on to the vast majority of their funds and be able to use them in their projects. We had seen, on so many occasions, charities charged what we saw as excessive fees for film-making services and felt that there was something we could do to help. Thus, Big Picture Charity Films was formed. We undertake our own fundraising events throughout the year, which in turn allow us to charge far, far less than commercial film-making professionals, whilst still being able to deliver broadcast quality services to our clients. We have travelled extensively across the UK and Europe, working for various charities.

Along with the technical expertise and extensive filmmaking experience of the Big Picture team, we also recognise that we are often working with highly vulnerable individuals and whilst we understand that there is a requirement to capture their lived experiences there is also a duty of care to them as people. As such, our Production Manager is a qualified counsellor who undertakes all sensitive interviews, which allows her to concentrate fully on putting people at ease, whilst not having to be concerned with the placement of cameras/lights etc. This is something we believe is fundamental in our ability to be able to capture effective and emotional stories, whilst respecting the often fragile nature of the interviewee. We believe this is another part of the Big Picture service that shows our professionalism and credibility. Our team all hold current, enhanced DBS certificates.

In terms of equipment and level of technical expertise, the Big Picture team bring a wealth of experience to this. Having worked closely with broadcasters, whose technical specs are incredibly demanding, all our work will stand up to international broadcast standards and would be accepted on any television station across the world. We use high-end "Netflix-approved" cameras, broadcast quality sound equipment, plus various gimbals, sliders, lights etc. to produce films that tell stories creatively, yet ultimately are of the very highest technical specifications and will be delivered in web-ready files, plus we will also deliver broadcast masters, for archiving and subsequent encoding if required.

Big Picture Charity Films are passionate about promoting your cause and we will work with you, through every step of the process. From an initial meeting, where various creative ideas can be discussed, through the process of filming and editing to final delivery. Raising awareness and educating people through the medium of film is at the forefront of what we're all about.

Big Picture receive no external grants and rely entirely on donations and funds generated through various fundraising activities and the generous giving of our supporters. Our charitable objects are: “The promotion of the voluntary sector for the public benefit through the production of films.” At Big Picture, we believe that giving away a percentage of what we get is fundamental and as such 10% of all monies raised from charitable donations is given to other charities.


STEVE_HIGG-300x227Steve Higgins Our Chairman is a retired teacher and is part of the Colchester Pioneer Hub.  He is hopeful that the charity can enable people to see the ‘Big Picture’ and therefore help reduce suffering in all its forms around the world. Originally hailing from the west of England, Steve is a keen sportsman, enjoying running, cycling, squash, cricket, and various other pursuits.

MARK_TRUSTEE-300x227Mark Rassell  is Big Picture's treasurer and the man with the money (or lack of it). Married to Jo, he has worked for a High Street bank since leaving school and is an active member of St. Luke’s Church in Colchester. Promoting good causes and helping others is a priority for Mark. He loves all things Apple and technology – especially photo, video and all things media related.

Tim_TEMP-300x227Tim Abbott has spent the last 30 years or so helping young people to think about life and faith. As CEO of Christian Youth Outreach he leads a team that delivers pastoral support and creative learning activities. In his work Tim has seen how effective short films can bring a compelling story to life, which is why he’s keen to help Big Picture as they seek to highlight projects that really matter.

PETR_HASS-300x227Peter Hassard  has been married to Julia for 45 years and has 3 sons and 4 grandsons. Now retired, he worked as a psychiatric nurse, specialising in Substance Misuse and ran an NHS Community Drug and Alcohol Team. Peter became a Christian in 1966 and is the safeguarding officer at St. John’s Colchester, where he can also often be found expertly playing the drums! He enjoys watching sport, walking and spending time with his family.

PIP_TRUSTEE-300x204Pip Higgins is a retired teacher and is also part of the Colchester Pioneer Hub.  Having seen the power of films she is delighted to be working with Big Picture to enable charities to make their voices heard, loud and clear. She is married to Steve and they have two children, Emma-Jane and Sam.  Pip loves spending time with her extended family and having an open home.

DAVEGENTRYDave Gentry heads up Big Picture's Fundraising team and his experience as a logistics manager is an invaluable asset. Married to Zoe with two amazing children, Zac & Georgina, Dave loves the outdoors and in his own words "needs to live nearer the mountains". Passionate about making a difference in the world, Dave co-ordinates and leads our fundraising challenge events.

Si Cooper is married to Hannah and they have two children, Katy and Reuben. Si is an active member of St Luke’s Church in Colchester and also an associate director of TJ Evers. He has a passion for supporting local charities by networking and connecting organisations, people and companies together. Si enjoys playing the guitar in the band at a church, and racing karts!